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My Brown Thumb Turned Green August 13, 2009

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Two years ago I decided it would be a great lesson for my children to plant a garden. Since I didn’t have a lot of space or tools, I bought the book All New Square Foot Gardening and followed Mel Bartholomew’s directions as closely as I am capable of doing. I spent a bit of money creating my box and filling it. I bought the seeds, started them in peat pots inside until they were ready for the ground, and watered the garden religiously.

Things appeared to start off just fine, but then the trees filled in and my little garden was not getting a whole lot of light. The young plants, like all other plants I have ever tended, began dying. Not one plant yielded one little veggie. It was pathetic. Oh well, that is pretty much par for the course with me. I kill plants.

Early this summer, at our new house, we dug out some over grown shrubs in the front of the house. The soil in that area is red Virginia clay. Since we didn’t have any immediate plans for new plantings in that area and the kids wanted to dig in the dirt, I gave them the leftover seeds from my previous attempt at gardening. I knew nothing would ever grow from those seeds in that soil, so I let them dump seeds to their hearts’ content.

Then we went to the farmers’ market and a lady was selling seedling of various sorts for a quarter a piece. I went ahead and bought some for reasons unknown to myself. Some of those seedlings went into that same barren soil the seeds went into and some went into pots.

Well, my thumb must be changing colors. The pattipan squash seeds sprouted into a plant that has taken over my walkway. We have cucumbers bigger than any I have seen in the grocery store. And, even my poor, pathetic green pepper plant is trying to produce something.

Take a look: