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Why does it seem like everything happens at the same time? July 15, 2009

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This is the week of Usborne Books and More’s annual convention. I am going – it is something I would not miss.

This is also the week we are closing on the sale of a townhouse we own in NC. The sale has been a pain in the behind and it really sneaked up on me. I have dropped the last of the details on my poor husband. The kids are with my parents for the week (complicating factor is driving 4 hours to drop them off and turn around to come home) and he thought he was going to get some time to do what he wanted to do. Sorry, Dear.

To throw even more chaos into the mix, we bid on a house in VA to replace the property in NC and negotiations are on going.

So, instead of enjoying the first night in the house without kids since becoming parents 8 years ago my husband and I are tying up loose ends before I get on an early flight.

My friend Ruth and I have often wondered when life will become “boring.” I suspect the answer is never and if it ever did, we would not know what to do with ourselves.


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