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I’m no Martha Stewart July 6, 2009

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There I have admitted it. Of course, to those who know me, there was never any illusion that I was. 😉

Martha Stewart is a remarkable woman. She has built an amazing empire creating a lifestyle that many of us would love to recreate but don’t have the time or money to do so.

On occasion, I will pick up Martha’s magazine Martha Stewart Living. Usually I buy the magazine because I see a recipe or a decorating idea that I like (once in a blue moon I will actually make the recipe). The July issue caught my eye with the section on lobster. We had a house in Rhode Island and loved getting lobsters from the fishing boats at Point Judith. That section was making me feel a bit nostalgic, so I bought the magazine.

After making my way through the over-the-top lobster bake ideas (see the S’mores To-Go Box on page 40), I came upon an article about French chef Tony Esnault. His recipes look inviting and accessible for us non-Martha types. What I found really intriguing about Esnault, was the following quote: “Sometimes I plan a whole meal around dessert.”

That quote ties in with something a local chef told me recently. He said that he went back to culinary school to become a pastry chef because he saw how people reacted when they ate a fabulous dessert. The reaction to a really good meal was no where near the reaction people had when enjoying dessert.

So, when you cook for a special occasion, do you plan the dessert first and the rest of the meal after, or vice versa? How do you react to a great main course as compared to a great dessert?

Now I feel like I need to have a party, and see how I plan the food and then watch for my guests reactions to the various courses.

Hungry yet?


2 Responses to “I’m no Martha Stewart”

  1. Rosie Says:

    What an interesting thought! That local chef is right, isn’t he? Although, I suspect people are more likely to remember the stupendous main than a delectable dessert, however awe-inspired they are at the time of the sweets. What do you reckon?

    I say this as wafts of Mum’s moussaka drift through the house – slightly biased I am!

    • Cafe Brigitte Says:


      I suspect you are right. I also suspect that the overall dining experience will weigh more heavily on a person once some time has passed than one particular part of the meal. We need to get someone to take us out for several fancy meals to test the theory. 😉

      Brigitte – feeling a bit envious about the moussaka

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